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Spartan Branch on WCNY
CORE Federal Credit Union's Spartan Branch was recently featured on WCNY's Financial Fitness program. Click on the link to view, the segment is at the 40 minute mark of the program.

Spartan Branch on WCNY

ESM Student Gets Filthy Rich

We have all heard the expression about someone being “filthy rich” but one lucky Woodland Elementary School student got the chance to be just that!  Fifth-grader Maria Markert had the chance to show off her savings abilities at a school assembly. Just like recycling helps save the environment, Maria had 60 seconds to scour “clean” garbage cans in search of coins to save or recycle.  Once her “recycled savings” was counted, she rolled up her sleeves and search whipped cream pies, each filled with cash, and got “filthy rich,”keeping $240 that she pulled from the pies!  The contest’s message to students was that like recycling, saving takes time and effort, but consistently saving small amounts of money over time really adds up in the long run.

CORE Federal Credit Union’s  Marilyn Hazzard helps a student with a credit “reality check”

Teen Reality Check
CORE Federal Credit Union in partnership with ESM’s DECA program hosted a student “reality check” program. The event was attended by more than 200 ESM students.

Students interacted with area professionals on topics vital to teens like automotive, budgeting and account handling, college and career, credit, discretionary spending, health and wellness, insurance, keeping your money safe, legal issues, and savings and investing.

Woodland Elementary School Kindergartener “Breaks the Bank”

Break the Bank
We have all heard the expression “Don’t Break the Bank” especially in the current economy, but CORE FCU bank at school contest winners have recently had the chance to do just that!

Student winners have 60 seconds to show their classmates what a good saver they are by depositing over-sized coins into a giant piggy bank. The coins are minted with ESM School Superintendent Donna DeSiato’s face (DeSiato Dimes) and CORE Federal Credit Union CEO Bill Sweeney’s face (Sweeney Cents). For each coin the student deposits, they will get to smash a small piggy bank filled with cash.  Bank at school student winners get to keep all of the cash from the piggy banks they smash and have the funds deposited to his CORE savings account.

“Break the Bank” is sponsored by CORE Federal Credit Union as an incentive to encourage students to save consistently.  Over the past few years, the school district and credit union have collaborated on a variety of financial literacy programs to help encourage good savings habits and increase student financial literacy, including a high school student run credit union, a district-wide bank at school program, and student facilitated adult education seminars. 

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