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Home Equity Choice Line of Credit

When it comes to borrowing against your home, we believe you should have a choice.  Most financial institutions offer only a variable rate line of credit, where you can be affected by changes in interest rates, or a fixed rate term loan, where you cannot take more money once the loan is closed.  CORE FCU’s unique Home Equity Choice Line of Credit allows you the flexibility to do both under the same credit approval.  You can borrow at a low variable rate, or convert your balances to a fixed rate term loan under the same line of credit, without a new closing.  Now that’s real choice!  And best of all, you may qualify to have the credit union pay all of your closing costs! So whether you need new money for home improvements, college, or you want to payoff higher priced debt elsewhere. Apply now for this flexible product and get the most out of your home when you borrow. Current rates and disclosures.

High Value Equity Line of Credit

Do you have good credit, but limited equity in your home?  If so, we have the product for you.  Our High Value Equity Line of Credit allows you to borrow up to $30,000.00 at a great low rate against your home to create those potential tax advantages you are looking for.  If you qualify, you can borrow up to 100% of the value of your home with only modest closing costs. Apply today and unlock the remaining equity in your home. For more information, see our current rates and disclosures.


CORE FCU, through our partnership with OwnersChoice Funding offers a complete range of products to meet all of your home financing needs.  Whether you are looking to purchase a home or refinance an existing loan, OwnersChoice Funding can offer a customized and personalized solution.  Please contact the credit union to set up an appointment with our mortgage specialist. Appointments can be scheduled at any of our three offices or at another location convenient for you. You can also visit OwnersChoice Funding to view current rates or apply online. 

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