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Looks like a like a check.

A CORE MasterCard Debit Card, paired with a CORE checking account will give you an unbeatable combination! In today's fast paced 'Point of Sale' world, many have noticed that it is usually faster (not to mention more convenient) to use a card rather than write a check! That's why there's a CORE MasterCard Debit Card. It's accepted anywhere you can use a MasterCard, but the funds come from your checking!

There are other advantages to using a CORE Debit Card over writing checks. Consider some of these situations:

Traveling out of town?
Most merchants will not accept an out area check, but will accept your CORE MasterCard debit card.

Shopping on line or by phone?
You can finish your transaction and not worry about all the details of a C.O.D. or other checking account payment arrangements that may or may not be available.

Renting a car?
Almost impossible with a check. But you can pay from your checking account by using your CORE MasterCard Debit.

Need cash?
Your CORE MasterCard Debit card doubles as an ATM card so you can get cash from automated teller machines everywhere, including our Sharenet Network.

Yes, checks have their place in our financial world and now, more than ever, so do debit cards. Remember, CORE also offers a very competitive Mastercard Credit Card*. CORE is 'The Place to Come for a Full Range of Financial Services'. How may we help you?

* See our credit card page for details & disclosures

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Fax: (315) 656-9389
Toll Free: 1-877-479-2042
For Information If Your Mastercard
Debit Card Has Been Lost/Stolen:

For Information If Your Mastercard
Credit Card Has Been Lost/Stolen:


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