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Internet Banking»

We all lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. Sometimes there's simply not enough hours in a day to make all our appointed rounds! That's why CORE is offering members the convenience and flexibility of 24 hour internet banking. From within our secure internet banking section, members can:

  • Check Account Balances
  • Inquire on Account History
  • Transfer Funds Within Accounts
  • Search Cleared Checks
  • Get Cleared Check Listings to Balance Your Account
  • Order Checks and View New Styles
  • Change Your Personal Access Password
  • Electronic Bill Payer
  • Electronic Cross Account Transfers
  • E-Statements

CORE Internet banking is easy, secure and just can't get more's FREE. To enroll in Internet banking, click here. If you are already signed up for Internet banking, just login above to access the secure server.

When you are done using Internet Banking, be sure to use the "Logout" button to insure you have exited the system and close your internet browser for increased security protection.

Mobile Web Browser»

Simply visit us at from any smartphone mobile web browser to access the new site. Signing on to home banking is the same as if you were accessing it from a desktop computer. The mobile version of the home banking site has all of the same security features as the current desktop version which makes access safe, easy, and convenient.

To set a quick launch link to your phones home screen simply follow the instructions below.

iPhone Operated Phones

Select the send button at
the bottom of your screen
  Select the CORE Apple
"Add to Home Screen Option"

Android Operated Phones

  1. Start by opening in your web browser
  2. Select the menu button, and add the page to your bookmarks. If you are using your Google Chrome browser, simply tap on the star and follow the prompt.

Remote Check Deposit»

Remote Check Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

About Check Deposit

Q. What is Remote Check Deposit?  
A. Remote check deposit allows CORE FCU members to deposit checks remotely with use of a compatible smartphone or tablet.  Just access CORE's mobile web banking site  and take a picture of the front and back of the check with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  You must have the appropriate app loaded on your device first.

Q. Is There a Fee for Remote Check Deposit?
A. There is no cost from the credit union for members to use the remote check deposit app. Please note that standard wireless and data charges will apply. Please check your mobile agreement before using remote check deposit. 

Remote Deposit

Q. How do I enroll in Remote Check Deposit?
A. CORE FCU members who are enrolled in Internet Banking will be able to select the "Remote Check Deposit" menu option from their mobile device.  Members also must have the appropriate app loaded on their device in order to access the service. 

Q. How do I access Remote Check Deposit?
A. Remote Check Deposit is accessible through CORE's mobile web browser home banking sign on.  Your log on information and password are the same the ones you use for CORE's Internet Banking. If you have not signed up for Internet Banking service, please visit and click on the enroll here  button under the Internet Banking section on our home page to enroll.

If you are unable to login using your User ID, please contact our Operations Department during business hours at (315) 656-8220 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Q. What type of accounts can I deposit into with Remote Check Deposit?
A. You will have the option of selecting your primary Share Savings or Share Checking account.

Q. Will the Remote Check Deposit App only work for one CORE FCU Account?
A. You can use the app for multiple accounts by simply logging out of the current account through the Mobile Internet Banking site and securely logging into another CORE FCU account. Please note that all accounts must already have Internet Banking access.

Depositing a Check

Q. How many checks can I deposit at one time?
A. You will only be able to deposit a maximum of one check at a time, but you can deposit up to 10 separate checks each day (a day starts as 12:01 pm EST),  up to 25 each week and, if needed, up to 50 per calendar month.

Q. What type of checks can I deposit with Remote Check Deposit?
A. Remote Check Deposit allows single party checks made payable to the owner(s) of the account. If a check is payable to two payees, both must endorse the check and both payees must be signers on the account.  Please note the following check types are NOT eligible for use with Remote Check Deposit:

  • CORE FCU Checks drawn on YOUR OWN ACCOUNT
  • Third Party Checks
    • A check payable to someone else that has been endorsed over to you.  
  •  Incomplete Checks
    • Checks that do not contain signatures of the maker, endorsement signatures, or that are missing any other required information.
  • Returned Checks
    • Any check that you deposit that is returned to us not payable as a result of insufficient funds, stop payments, or other related issues.
  • Altered Checks
    • A check that has any evidence of a change in any information to the face of the check.
  • Foreign Checks
    • A check that is drawn on a financial institution in another country, or is not payable in U.S. currency.
  • Stale Dated or Post Dated Checks
    • Checks that are dated after the deposit date, or any check with a date more than six months old.

Q. How should I endorse the checks I am depositing with Remote Check Deposit?
A. Checks being submitted should be endorsed with "FOR REMOTE DEPOSIT ONLY" on the back of the check. Please note if the back of the check is not properly endorsed CORE Federal Credit Union has the right to reject the deposit.

Q. How do I complete a deposit transaction with Remote Check Deposit?
A. Depositing a check is a quick and simple process. First please make sure you have downloaded the appropriate app for your device.

  • Log into Internet Banking at on your device.
  • Select Remote Check Deposit.
  • Follow the guide to taking photos of the front and back of the check.
  • Submit your check for deposit.

*make sure the check you are taking a photo of is free from wrinkles or tears. Proper lighting will also help with achieving a proper image for uploading.

Q. How large a dollar amount of checks can I deposit using the CORE Remote Deposit app?
A. You can deposit up to $2500 each processing day (12:01 pm EST to noon the following day). There is a limit of $3500 in total checks deposits each week (Sunday to Saturday) and a maximum of $10,000 in remote check deposits each calendar month. *(These amounts may differ for new accounts or accounts without an established record of positive account management, as outlined in CORE's Remote Deposit Capture Agreement and Disclosure.)

Q. When am I able to submit my deposits and when will they post to my account?
A. You can make a deposit using the CORE Remote Deposit app anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deposits received by noon each day will be credited on that business day, subject to CORE's review and verification of the check.

Q. I accidentally deposited the same check at the branch. What happens now?
A. In the event of accidentally depositing the same check in the branch as the one deposited using the CORE Remote Deposit app, one of the checks will be rejected. In the unlikely event that you receive credit for the same check more than once, you are legally responsible to reimburse the credit union for the amount of any duplicate deposits. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Service Agreement for our policy regarding returned checks.

Q. How do I know if my transaction was completed?
A. You will receive secure emails regarding your deposit once it has been received, and once again after the transaction has been reviewed and completed.

System Requirements

Q. What are the system requirements for my mobile device to use Remote Deposit? 
A. The service is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems. Please refer to the tables below for system requirements. For Apple users, if you have an operating system lower than 7, just download the updated system to your phone since it is required to operate the Remote Deposit service.

iPhone/iPad Minimum Requirements:

iPhone 6, 6 Plus

iOS 8 and up

iPhone 5, 5S and 5C

iOS 7 and up

iPhone 4 and 4S

iOS 7 and up

iPad 2, 3, Mini, Mini Retina, and Air

iOS 7 and up


Android Device Minimum Requirements:

Android Éclair


Android Froyo


Android Gingerbread


Android Honeycomb


Android Ice Cream Sandwich


Android Jelly Bean

4.1 – 4.3.1

Android KitKat

4.4 – 4.4.4


Check Retention

Q. What do I do with my paper check after I made the deposit?
A. We ask that you keep the checks for 90 days after making your deposits before destroying them in the event that any regulatory or legal issues arise whereby we would need to ask you to provide us with an original check.


Q. Why doesn't the app work on my phone?
A. The app is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. Please check the specifications for each phone type that are able to support Remote Deposit contained in our Service Agreement found on our Internet Banking site.

Q. What if I have checked the system requirements for my phone and they seem to meet what is needed for Remote Deposit but I keep getting an error message when trying to make a deposit?
A. Please contact our Operations Department during business hours at (315) 656-8220 to let us know the issue and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you, or research the matter further if we are unable to quickly troubleshoot the issue over the phone.

Account Alerts»

Account Alert Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Account Alert?
This new feature allows you to set up notifications for your account to be sent to you via e-mail or text message.  You can set a reminder for a loan due date, or ask to receive a notice if your account balance at the end of the day falls below a certain dollar amount, receive alerts for certain types of transactions, or even get a message when a particular check number (5 digits with leading zeros) clears your account.  It’s just another cutting-edge and convenient way to help you manage your finances.

Q: When are Account Alerts delivered?
A: Account alerts are delivered once a day between 6 - 7:30am EST.

Q: Is there a cost for Account Alerts?
A: CORE Federal Credit Union does not charge members for receiving account alerts.  As with text message banking, standard text message rates from your mobile phone service carrier will apply, so refer to your phone contract for details.

Online Credit Card Access»

Online Credit Card Access link allows members to log on to their CORE Federal Credit Union credit card to check purchases and balances. Members are also able to make payments to their card.

Mobile Credit Card App»

Mobile App for Managing Your Credit Card.

Enjoy on-the-go card management that’s fast and easy!
We have a new, free App to help our members manage their credit cards on the go! Download the MasterCard Credit Card App from iTunes and Google Play now!
With this App you can do the following from your smartphone or tablet:

    • View recent and pending transactions.
    • View next payment amount and due date.
    • Make a payment to your card.
    • Report a card lost or stolen.
    • Raise a dispute on any transaction.
    • Activate a card

Don't have a CORE credit card yet? Apply for one today here.

Getting Started
Download the App from the store, grab your credit card, and register on your smartphone. It’s that easy.

You’re protected by 128-bit encryption through your mobile device.
No personal information is stored on your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm not an Online Banking or Mobile Banking User, can I still use the Mobile Credit Card App?
Yes, there is no need to be an Online Banking user to use this service.
If you’d like to enroll for online banking as well, please click here to Enroll.

Can I use my Online Banking login credentials for Mobile Credit Card App?

No, you must complete the Mobile Credit Card App Registration process from the phone to create login credentials and set up security questions.

How much does this service cost?
There is currently no charge from the credit union associated with the service. However, there may be charges associated with data usage on your phone. Check with your wireless phone carrier for more information.

Is it secure?
Yes, the Mobile Credit Card App service utilizes best security practices such as HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption and site time-out when the session expires. In addition, no account data is ever stored on your phone. In the event your phone is lost or stolen, you can disable the service by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-479-2042.

Which wireless carriers are supported?
We support all the popular US wireless phone carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Do I need a data plan?
A data plan is typically needed when you want to use the App when Wi-Fi is not available. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

Which cards will I be able to see?
Any CORE FCU credit card where you are the primary or secondary cardholder.


Do I need to be a Mobile Credit Card App User to activate a new card?
No, you do not need to have a mobile credit card app profile in order to use the card activation feature from the login page. However, when your card activation process is complete, the App will ask you if you would like to register the card and create a mobile credit card App profile.

How do I activate a new card using the Mobile Credit Card App?
Download the App from the store, grab your card and tap Activate Card from the login page. Follow the steps to verify your identity and card details.

Can I register my new card in the Mobile credit card app?
Yes, however, a newly activated card cannot be registered in the mobile credit card App until the following business day.


How do I register for Mobile Credit Card?
Download the app from the store, grab your card and register from the phone. You will verify your identity, select security questions and create a sign on Mobile Credit Card App User ID and Password.

How do you use the information that I provide during Registration?
The information you provide to verify your identity is used to validate account ownership. Only your security questions and answers and Mobile Credit Card App User ID and Password are stored by our system.

What happens if I get a new phone or change phone numbers?
Simply reinstall the App and start using it.

What if my device is lost or stolen?
There are no special arrangements necessary to suspend the App or card.


I forgot my password, how do I reset my password? 

After entering your Username, tap on Login button. On the next screen select “Forgot Password?” link. You will be guided thru the change process.

I forgot my username, how do I find out what my username was? 

On the Login screen, select “Forgot Username?” link. You will be guided thru the change process.

How do I change my password or security questions? 

Sign on to the Mobile Credit Card App and from the Home screen, select Settings button. You will be guided thru the change process.

What if I forget the answer to my security question?
Please call the phone number on the back of the card. 1-855-594-9452.

What if I still need help?
For personal dedicated Mobile Credit Card assistance, please call us at 1-877-479-2042.

Telephone: (315) 656-8220
Fax: (315) 656-9389
Toll Free: 1-877-479-2042
For Information If Your Mastercard
Debit Card Has Been Lost/Stolen:

For Information If Your Mastercard
Credit Card Has Been Lost/Stolen:


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